Wednesday, July 13, 2011

2 Flat Twists & A Bun

I just ♥ this style!

It takes me only 10 minutes to complete after a wash or co-wash and it looks cute too!
  1. In the picture below I co-washed my hair, moisturized and sealed with Jane Carter's Nourish and Shine and Coconut Oil.
  2. Parted my hair from ear to ear and made a part almost like a "T" but slanted in the front.
  3. Two-Strand flat twisted the first one starting at the front of my head and the other starting at the middle of my head to make a swirl effect in the front.
  4. Put the back portion of my hair in a ponytail
  5. Wrapped the 2 front twists around the ponytail
  6. Finally, gathered all of the hair into a neat lil' bun
  7. Secure with a bobby pin and you are done!


It's not all its CRACKED up to be...

I love this look!

The base is a shade of blue (will add the name later) by Sally Hansen and Katy Perry's black crackle nail polish on top.  This worked out great for me the 1st time, but seems as though the crakle polish was very thick on the 2nd use?! Almost too think to use! I will try this look again but with a new bottle of crackle polish.

BTW the Sally Hansen line of Crackle nail polish did NOT work... well, I will speak for the one I tried which was the red one. I looked like a thin coat of cheap polish. :( I love Sally Hansen polish, but this one was not good.

Organic Rebellion!!!

I spoke with a friend yesterday about nutrition and she told me she's been preparing a lot of raw meals for her household (more to come on that) so I decided that I need to eat more healthy also! Thanks Siobhan, lol :)

So in my quest for all things HEALTHY... Organic supermarkets in my area popped in my head. Yeah, I know they are a little hard on the pocket, but I think shopping at these types of supermarkets for certain items (Produce, Meats, etc.) will be beneficial for my household.

I located this link on a store website... I thought I'd share it!

Check it out!
Grocery Store Wars