Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Combs & Brushes

This may have been posted a million times on various blogs but I just loved the comb and brush information on this website!

Combs and Brushes 101

I just love love love the Denman brush! I use it anytime my hair is full of conditioner and I want to detangle my hair.  I think I only use a comb when I part my hair, which is very rarely! The Denman brush creates chunky curls in my hair!  Love it! I get my Denman D4 brushes from Sally's BSS. Try it!

No more loc's

I know its been a few months without my hubby's locs... but ohhhh how I miss them so!

Below is the last time I re-twisted and styled his hair... :(  When I asked him why he wanted to cut them, he said "God wants to do a new thing in me"... How could I argue with that? 

I can't say that I don't hope he changes his mind and grows them back! LOL We shall see!