Thursday, July 28, 2011

Konad Zebra Print Nails

Here is one of my absolute favorite designs done with my FAVORITE Konad stamping kit!  If you dont have one yet, you need to get one!! LOL

This was done after a home manicure:
  1. Removed old nail polish
  2. Soaked nails in soapy water with a lil oil in it
  3. Trimmed cuticles a little
  4. Shaped nails with nail file
  5. Painted nails with Orly Bonder and Clear nail polish
  6. Proceeded with STAMPING! :)
  7. LEFT THIS STEP OUT... Remove excess zebra prints from around your finger nail with Q-tip and nail polish remover
  8. Sealed the design with Sally Hansen Quick Dry Top Coat (Red Bottle)
Here are the results:


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