Monday, July 25, 2011

My first attempt at D.I.Y. SUSHI!

My sister and I wanted to make sushi over the weekend so we went out and brought a kit from Barnes & Noble (It was only about 8 dollars!) 
It came with the book, the spoon for rice, and 4 sets of chop sticks:
We visited the local Asian market and brought:
Rice seasoning packet
Nori (Seaweed used to wrap sushi)
Tempora batter
Low-sodium Soy sauce
Spicy Mayo packet

Visted the grocery store for the rest of the items:
Crab Meat
Raw Shrimp
French's Fried Onion pieces
Brown Rice

Here are the steps we took to make the sushi:
  1. Cooked the rice, added the rice seasoning packet and hand fanned the rice to cool it down. This is important to keep the correct consistancy of the rice. Covered the rice with a moist towel to retain the moisture in the rice.
  2. Heated the oil for the shrimp, made the tempora batter, cleaned the shrimp and fried them.  Placed the fried shrimp on a towel to extract some of the oil from the fryer.
  3. Cut up the cucumber, carrots, shrimp and crab meat into neat strips.
  4. Opened up the kit and put the bamboo mats in a plastic bag to keep them from getting food on them.
  5. Set out a  flat bowl filled with water to keep out hands moist as we roll the sushi. Also set out a sharp knife to cut the sushi after they have been rolled.
  6. Grabbed the Nori, placed it shiny side down. Wet my hands a bit and grabbed some rice and placed it on the Nori leaving a little less than 1/4 of the Nori exposed. Added my veggies, shrimp and crab meat to the middle of the rice and began to roll the Nori. Carefully rolling to ensure the roll is tight. Removed the mat and wet the exposed portion of the Nori so that it will stick and close securely. 
  7. Cut the Sushi rolls in 8 pieces and added the Spicy Mayo and Onion Straws and we were all done! They were yummy! :)
Here are some pictures from our 1st attempt at making Sushi at home:


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  1. MMMM, that looks good Danielle. Look at Monique cook. I bet it was good. Please ask her to cook when I come over, LOL !!!