Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Hair Story...

Much much more to come on this... here is a brief overview...

I started going natural September 2004 as I became tired of being a slave to my relaxer.  I wanted something new, refreshing and exciting! "Hmmm... whats can I do? Let me try and see how long I can go with out a relaxer!"

One year later, I winded up in NC at the Avenue Hair Salon getting a BC by Taji.  After the BC, I recieved a lot of "Why would you do that"! and "Your hair used to look nice", etc.  I brushed it off and continued to love and nurture my growing mane.

Rewind... During the 1st year of the growing out stage, I began to love the texture of my new growth. I realized how strong, shiny and soft it was! During my transition phase, I wore a lot of phony pony's and wash and go's with my natural roots and permed ends. It didn't look as bad as it sounds. Will post pics of that stage also.

Decided to NEVER relax again... which in turn made me relax about the burns, scabs and salon wait time I'd suffer from the relaxer.

7 years later... and don't miss the relaxer at all! I have spent hundreds of dollars on hair products/ tools etc. trying to find the right one and come to find out that some of the cheapie items work GREAT!
In the beginning, I used to think the more expensive the product, the better it works right? NOT!

Later on, I will post my must have items and also the items that I have found to work great on my 3C/4A crown tresses!

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