Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recovering NBA (Nail Biter's Anonymous)

Okay, I must say that I have done much better with growing my hair than my nails.

I have always been a nail biter... I know... what a nasty habit! I have my weeks when I stop biting and my nails grow like weeds! Then I have times when I bite while watching a movie not realizing the damage that I am doing and by the time I take a look at my nails they look terrible! And I am back to square 1! I have found that keeping my nails painted at ALL times will keep me from biting! IT WORKS!

Here is a picture from my last manicure I did... (I am recovering from a bite fest here... lol)

I call it Neon Watercolors :)

...Please excuse my cat in the background...

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